Event: Friday November 27th, 2015 at 12 Noon EST

Aral Balkan, co-founder and Lead Designer of Ind.ie, had this to say about technology, human rights, and democracy. “We’ve built a world where our everyday things track our every move, profile us, and exploit those profiles for monetary gain. A world with a wholly privatised public sphere. A world of malls, not parks. A corporatocracy, […]


Event: Event: Friday November 20th, 2015 at 12 Noon EST

A discussion of TADSummit, TADHack to come, in Paris December 12th and Restconn in Lisbon this past week.

A rescheduling of VUC568 with TADSummit and Restconn in the forefront and a discussion of all that is related to developing on telecom is here.


Event: Friday November 13th, 2015 at 12 Noon EST

Sevana Fi is a company focusing on sound and speech quality analysis, testing, monitoring and measurement with in-house software development and research. CEO Valeri Sitnikov joins #vuc567 to show what they do and discuss the issues to solve.


#vuc566 – Outernet

November 3, 2015

Thane Richard of Outernet joins us to explain this unusual project and the Lighthouse hardware. “The Outernet signal currently reaches 99% of Earth’s population with 1 GB/day of information. This capacity increases every few months and we have tested up to speeds of 25 Mb/sec.” “Just plug Lighthouse into a satellite dish, turn it on, […]

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#vuc565 – Oxford Flood Network

October 29, 2015

Ben Ward joins VUC to talk about the tasks Oxford Flood Network are facing, and how they’re accomplishing them using technologies like IoT. Unpredictable weather and urbanisation are causing ever more frequent floods in our rivers, watercourses and drainage systems. To understand this we need a new way of monitoring potential flooding. Low-cost wireless sensors […]

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#vuc564 – MeetingMogul

October 22, 2015

An app that makes dialing into conference calls easier. MeetingMogul keeps you updated and organized with an automatically synced list of your upcoming calls and meetings. Features One Touch Conference Calls Collaborative Notes Sharing Lowest Cost Conference Calls Call Alerts All Events in One Place Meeting Summary on Fingertips Recording Notes Notify Participants

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