Event: Friday, January 28th @ 12 Noon EST

Thanks to @sollostech for bringing Bufferbloat to our attention!

Much more background is here: http://www.bufferbloat.net

What is Bufferbloat? From Jim Gettys’ explanation:

Bufferbloat is existence of excessively large (bloated) buffers into systems, particularly network communication systems.

Who is Jim Gettys? In his own words:

“As a quick synopsis, Bob Scheifler and I started the X Window System; I was the editor of the HTTP/1.1 proposed and draft standards, co-founder of handhelds.org and the revised X.org, and helped out on freedesktop.org.  I also worried a lot about the software for the OLPC XO-1. And a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I used to astronomy.”

More details on Jim Gettys and his many projects and challenges on Wikipedia. We’re very pleased to have Jim as a guest and I know we’re anxious to hear more about Bufferbloat!

Dave Täht, who will also be joining us, has been involved in Linux and VOIP since 1993 and wireless networking since 1996. In addition to early work on asterisk and the
sofia sip stack, he worked on several early embedded asterisk devices. In 2006 he “retired” to Nicaragua where he worked on the OLPC, IP04, and mesh potato, in addition to surfing a lot.

After observing the (sad) state of the wireless networks and the internet itself, there, he :assumed: that the core problem was wireless
spectrum and started developing the wisp6 5.8 ghz wireless mesh network.

He was in the middle of the first test deployment this past spring and got beaten by both the arrival of the Survivor TV show… and bufferbloat (not realized until December of this year) , which forced him to return to the US. Upon arrival… He slowly realized that the
problems he’d had in Central America were also appearing in the US.

It wasn’t until December that he got a handle on it with Jim Getty’s series of postings on bufferbloat.

He is now spending all his spare time working on beating bufferbloat.

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